Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate and it’s either too cold or too wet to go outside. Maybe you have a job or other responsibilities that keep you inside during the best “viewing” hours.   Perhaps you are just too tired or not well enough to venture out on a given day but you’d still like a dose of nature to keep you (or help you get into) that good mood.  

Not to worry.   With the miracle of technology, there is an “almost there” substitute to fill that void until you can venture out again.  

Let’s explore several options that you may not know about:

If you have an interest in observing animal species in the wild try out  This offers live views from around the world including the Tau Waterhole at the Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa, or the West-End Bald Eagle Cam at Catalina Island, California where there is currently an eagle that seems to be warming an egg in the nest, or how about the Above Water Manatee-Cam at Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Florida. 

If you are interested in spiders and you can handle an even less formal venue, check out  This irregularly scheduled broadcast is both live and interactive.   This 30-year-old arachnologist lives in Sweden (but speaks fluent English) and will respond to your questions via the website’s chat feature. also has chats several times a day with zookeepers at TorontoZooLife, along with a live feed of the subject animals and an uplifting instrumental soundtrack.  Recently, I’ve learned a bit about giraffes, gorillas, and penguins. 

Perhaps you don’t have sufficient bandwidth or the time to watch nature on live video.  Social media can also offer a nature break.  Instagram has an extensive collection of nature-themed photos with a brief associated text.   Consider reviewing Joel Sartore’s stunning work for the NatGeo Photo Ark.  This can be found at joelsatore.  Other intriguing displays include ones at paulnicklen, africanwildlifefoundation, ourdailyplanet, and nationalparkservice.  These can get you started once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone or tablet. 

Don’t forget about Twitter. Chances are you are probably already using this. Here are a couple more for your feed.  For some great Western bird photos check out Jerome G’s prolific posts @CAScrubJay.   Explore life in the high seas at Open Ocean Exploration @RebeccaRHelm.  These are high quality, non-commercial posts.

If you have others that you think are particularly impressive, don’t forget to share them in the notes section below.  I’ll compile them and report back out to you, so you can have a dose of nature for when you can’t get outside. 

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