Comfort Me with Nature

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Hi, I’m Claire. Welcome to my blog.

If you are here chances are you are interested in learning more about nature and those organisms that populate our world, their environments and something about their lives. You have a curiosity that you want to satisfy.

Whether you are new to nature observation or you are a professional naturalist, we all sometimes need to rely on the work of others to help us expand our own knowledge. Take me as an example: Despite the fact that I’ve completed the Master Naturalist Programs in two states (Indiana and Maine), I still feel like a nature-newbie!

My mission with this blog is to introduce you to a variety of resources including book recommendations and reviews, links to relevant videos, connections to non-profit websites and any other interesting media that might just feed your need to better understand our natural world.

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Most importantly, when you visit this site or any of the related social media sites, I want you to have a positive, nourishing experience. Consider this a place where no matter where you are physically, you can feel the wonderment of nature even if just for a few moments.