On this beautiful, unusually warm April Friday, I will be spending most of the day outside.   Consequently, this will be an abbreviated note about things I recently learned.  These items hopefully will be of interest.  By no means do they encompass all I’ve learned lately.

As always, if you have any “discoveries” of your own, please feel free to share them.  Here are my findings:

  • Pineapples are almost synonymous with Hawaii.  So, it was a surprise to me to learn that they are not indigenous to the islands.  They originated somewhere around southern Brazil and were imported into Hawaii as a commercial crop.  More surprising, pineapples are not a single entity but are a collective fruit, meaning many berries are fused into one.  
  • Owls are well-known for their exceptional binocular vision.  So, it may be a bit of a shock to learn that they don’t actually have eyeballs.  Instead, they have eye tubes.  These eyes are also relatively heavy, weighing up to 3% of the owl’s total body weight. For comparison, your eyes weigh approximately .0003% of your weight.
  • Soon it will be mosquito season.  It occurs at some point each year in every country.   Except in Iceland.  While the reasons have not been fully explained, there is speculation that the rapid and frequent weather changes prevent the mosquitoes from safely progressing through their lifecycle.  Additionally, though not a country, there aren’t any mosquitoes on Antarctica either.  You probably anticipated that one. 


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