Over the weekend, I watched a short documentary on YouTube about fungi.  Before it began, I did not have high expectations. Often, videos on that platform don’t have strong production values.  They need additional editing or a stronger narrative arc.  This video, however, was an exception.  I suggest you watch it too.  

You can find “Stephen Axford: How fungi changed my view of the world”, posted in September, 2020, here:  https://youtu.be/KYunPJQWZ1o

If you are not familiar with Australian photographer Stephen Axford, you are in for a treat.   

He started taking photos of mushrooms in the woods near his home because he thought they were pretty.  The more he looked, the more variety he found.  The colors, shapes, and unusual locations prompted him to take more photos and learn about the different species.  Then it dawned on him how critical fungi were to the foundation of life.  Thus began his worldwide fungi quest.  

Using various techniques such as time-lapse and macro photography, and some videography, Axford shows us an alien world that often goes unseen but exists all around us.  

If after viewing this documentary, you may wonder if these kinds of stunning fungi are found only in remote parts of Australia, China, and the Himalayas.  They are not exclusive to exotic locations.  For example, there are bioluminescent mushrooms found in my home state of Maine.  I’ll bet there are some amazing fungi specimens where you live too.  

Time to go exploring!

Additional Resources:

Axford’s website:  https://steveaxford.smugmug.com

Axford’s Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/planet_fungi/


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