I frequently learn about new organisms that have interesting properties.  In this case, I found out about an edible sea plant that isn’t seaweed.  Maybe you are already familiar with Sea Beans?  

Sea beans (genus Salicornia) grow along coastal waterways above the high-tide mark and along the banks of some salt marshes. These edible succulents are halophytes. Halophytes are salt-tolerant plants that grow in salty soil or waters. 

They go by a variety of names including Sea Asparagus, Pickleweed, Glasswort, and Samphire.

These plants grow in clusters and often look like a mat of thin, pencil-like tendrils.  During the spring and summer, when it is green, it is good to eat.   It adds a briny, crunchiness to your dinner plate or salad.   However, stay away from them when it is reddish or purplish, usually in the winter and fall, as they will be too salty for consumption.

If you live relatively close to an ocean, check out your farmer’s market to see if anyone is offering these wild sea vegetables.

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