Bicycling with Butterflies: My 10,201-Mile Journey Following the Monarch Migration

by Sara Dykman 

Published by  Timber Press, Inc. on April 13, 2021

“Surely if a butterfly with nothing more than instinct and orange wings could navigate three countries and the chaos of humanity, then I, with my stubborn will and a continent’s worth of hospitality, could too.” 

If you have ever cared so much about accomplishing something, no matter how improbable success may be, Sara Dykman’s story will resonate.  Dykman’s mission is to educate as many people as possible about the continuing threat to the monarch butterflies, their habitat, and ultimately, the world at large. She decided to bicycle from their winter location along their migratory flyway through the US and into Canada, then back again.  Along the way, she represented the voice of the butterflies, telling their story to one school, one family, or one person at a time. 

Along the way, she trusted her instincts, relied on the kindness of others, and followed the science.  Challenges occurred yet Dykman persisted with determination and a strong sense of purpose. 

Dykman cares deeply.  Her feelings, whether anger or pleasure or something in-between, are palpable in her narration.  Saving even one caterpillar from a mower did not require too much effort. Instead, it signaled her commitment.  If one individual could change the course of extinction through sheer will, Dykman would succeed.

As you read this book, you realize this is not just a travel memoir based in science but also a model for persuasive outreach and education through personal connection and heartfelt storytelling. 

As Dykman states, “humans keep taking, and wildlife keeps trying to make do.”  Go ahead and read the book, then join your voice with the others. “Do it for the monarchs.”

Why you should not miss this one:

  • easy pace, easy reading
  • monarch facts are woven into context
  • whether you are a bicycling enthusiast or concerned about monarch butterflies, the story is inspirational

Thanks to NetGalley, Timber Press Inc., and the author, Sara Dykman, for the opportunity to read a digital copy in exchange for this review.   

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