Here are some nature-focused and natural history titles that you might want to add to your holiday list:

The Reindeer Chronicles

And Other Inspiring Stories of Working with Nature to Heal the Earth

by Judith D. Schwartz

Stories of unsung heroes pushing the boundaries of what can be done to restore ecological function to a damaged area.



Understanding Bird Behavior:  An Illustrated Guide to What Birds Do and Why

by Wenfei Tong

Have you ever wondered what that bird was doing?  This book offers insights. 



Spiders of the World:  A Natural History

by Norman I. Platnick

Comprehensive.  And maybe a bit terrifying.




Curlew Moon

by Mary Colwell

The author walks throughout England, Wales, and Ireland to raise awareness for these fantastic, but gravely threatened birds.





With Wings Extended

A Leap into the Wood Duck’s World

by Greg Hoch

Presumed headed for extinction a century ago, the Wood Duck has been a success story of conservation and recovery.  Learn more about the “prince of ducks.”

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