Today, I am getting my first COVID-19 vaccine jab.  (Hurrah, I think.)  Therefore, let’s reflect upon how bats are too frequently considered the villainous vector of this pandemic. 

Small Brown Bat
Small Brown Bat

Perhaps bats do harbor its viral origins.  However, that doesn’t mean they are to blame.  Humans played a role, one way or another, in the spread of this disease.  Bats, on the other hand, play a crucial role within the environment.

There are more than 1300 bat species distributed throughout the world.  Some bats help to control the insect population.  They can consume up to a million insects in one evening.  In my region, they are essential to control the mosquitos.  As bat numbers decline, mosquitos’ numbers increase, and so do the diseases they transmit. 

Avocado Buds
Avocado Buds

Other types of bats aid in pollination and seed dissemination by feeding on nectar or fruit.  Can you imagine living in a world without avocados, bananas, or mangos?  These are among the many plants that they assist.  

For today’s nature challenge, find out what bat species live in your area.  How are they doing?  What support do they need, if any?

In my state, 97% of the bats have been affected by the deadly white-nosed syndrome. Every time I see a bat at dusk, I rejoice.  

We need to stop demonizing bats.  Please. 

This challenge is rated as easy. 


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