This is the second part of the Nature Challenge that we started last week.  In that activity, you were asked to find a nature story to tell.  This story doesn’t need to be lengthy but its detail and flow should build to keep an audience member interested throughout.   If you missed that part of the challenge you can connect to it here:

Photo 177351528 © Anna Kazantseva |

Now that you’ve developed your story’s theme, it’s time to illustrate it.  Most everyone has a mobile phone with a camera function.  Get out there and snap some photos or short video clips that align with the bullet points you outlined earlier.  

Once you have those, consider the best sequence for these shots to convey your message.   Sometimes you will need a frame with narration in-between to facilitate a transition.   This can be done in Powerpoint (on a Microsoft-based computer) or Keynote (on a Mac or iPad/iPhone).  Next, save these in the jpeg format.  

Then, depending on the type of computer, tablet, or mobile phone you are using, there is a free application that will stitch your photo files together to make a short movie. Most also allow you to do a voice-over for additional narrative elements.  Other more sophisticated applications can be used to create your masterpiece, but this isn’t necessary.   For our challenge, the free ones are sufficient. 

Once you add a title frame and end with a credits frame, you are good to go.  You can share the video with others via email, on YouTube, on Twitter, or any platform that works for you. 

All of this is relatively easy.  I say that tongue in cheek. While I had no trouble creating my movie, I’ve yet to figure out how to add it here on the blog!   I will try to figure that out over the weekend, then post my modest accomplishment here. 

This challenge is rated as easy or difficult, depending on your level of technical savvy!

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