Nearly 200 million people are under a heat advisory today in the US.  It is so unnaturally hot and humid in Maine that the grocery store is rotating staff to collect grocery carts every fifteen minutes.  

It may be too hot to be outside nevertheless we can still have some fun with nature.

Raven Image by Cornelia Schneider-Frank from Pixabay

Today’s challenge is to write a haiku about a single species or nature-based theme.  If you aren’t familiar with the haiku form, it goes like this:  Compose a phrase with five syllables, the second phrase contains seven syllables, and the last phrase has five syllables again.  It doesn’t need to rhyme although, the piece does need to be internally consistent.  It should make sense and, if you want to get fancy, you might want the poem to prompt the reader to think. 

The idea for this challenge was inspired by an observation of some squawking ravens a few days ago.  They were loud and persistent. However, I couldn’t quite catch their meaning nor intent.  Here is my offering entitled The Raven, as an example. 


The Raven

Clever sooty bird

Do you taunt or do you play

Warn of trouble hence


The website offers some additional haiku examples where nature is the subject.  Here is the link for easy access:

Have fun with this challenge.  Feel free to share in the comments.  Try to stay cool.

This challenge is rated as Easy. 

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