Have you ever noticed how many things in our lives are named after something from nature?  Often the named object has minimal connection to the inspiring species or natural feature except to evoke an emotional response.  This response may be a feeling of power, or a suggestion of the exotic, or perhaps reminiscent of the unspoiled, to name a few.  

Your nature challenge for this week is to find at least 20 nature-inspired names as you go about your day.  I’ll bet you’ll find even more.  

Mammoth Cave Sign © Jiawangkun | Dreamstime.com

To give you a head start, consider names of:

    • State parks like Turkey Run State Park in Indiana
    • Cities such as Buffalo, NY
    • Sports teams such as Toronto Blue Jays
    • Clothing brands such as American Eagle Outfitters

You may be surprised by how frequently natural inspiration is used.  

Ironically, some of our most beloved brands and locations call to mind symbols of nature that have been eliminated so that those products can be available.   Just think of a new housing development called Deer Meadows which no longer has grazing fields, and the deer have dispersed to other locations, or worse. 

This challenge is rated as easy. 

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