About this time each year, in the Northeast, the snow begins to look dirty, battered, and icy.  Folks will often plan a getaway trip to a warmer location to have a break from the grip of winter.  However, fewer people will indulge this year due to COVID.  

Spring is officially only a few weeks away.  Vaccines are increasingly available and the infection rates seem to be dipping slightly.   Hope is alive. 

As a sign of things to come, male Red-Winged Blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) have begun their seasonal migration north.  Deer are congregating in my backyard eating the greens shooting up from the snow.  I’ve even heard that some crocuses are peeking out just a bit south of where I live.  

So, for today’s nature challenge, let’s go outside and do a bit of winter photography.  Let’s capture the beauty of that crisp morning or perhaps something that harkens to the coming spring.  Enjoy!

This challenge is rated as easy.


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