Do you keep a Winter Nature Journal?  Some folks tend to set it aside during the winter months but there are lots of interesting things to add!

Let’s start with evergreen trees.  Walk over to your nearest one.  First, let’s identify it.  Now, what do you notice about the needles? How are they different than what you might see in the summer?  Are there any conifers still in the trees?  What do you see on the ground around the tree?

Evergreens tend to be a habitat for all kinds of creatures during these months. Look for some clues of what’s living there or nearby.

Did you come across an evergreen that has shed most of its needles?  Perhaps it is a Larch (Larix Occidentalis).  

If you live in the West, you might also find an Oak that is an evergreen tree, such as the Mexican Blue Oak (Quercus Oblongifolia).  

Set up a section of your nature journal to compare what you see today with the same tree one day every three months.   This will give you a nice overview of its seasonal cycle.

This challenge is rated as easy. 


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