Recently, I was scrolling through Twitter.  I’m not even sure why this particular tweet was on my feed because I was accidentally using an older non-nature focused account, but here it was:

I don’t know Rosemary Mosco but I want to say “thank you” to her.  She is absolutely correct. Many birders, me included, won’t claim their hobby because they don’t have a big enough life list. They may know how to distinguish one gull from another.  Maybe they don’t have good enough gear.  

This isn’t exclusive to birding, by the way.  

I’ve spoken to so many folks who are interested in something related to nature.  Maybe they are fascinated by the deer that lope through their yard and wonder what draws them.   Maybe they love watching dragonflies dart around their local pond and they are curious why some have one set of wings when others have two.  Maybe they’ve noticed that pretty purple flowering weed that seems to have blossomed in their yard because they’re a bit behind on cutting the lawn.  It’s so pretty they are reluctant to mow.  

They have the curiosity and a target species for their affections.  However, when I ask them if they’d like to learn more about that awesome bird/mammal/insect/flower, first there is a smile and then, generally,  a shrug.  They demure.  More than once, I’ve heard them say, “…it’s too complicated” and “…well, I’ll never be a nature guide.”

Probing deeper, you will likely discover that somewhere along the way they’ve had an interaction with someone (or a group of someones) who seemed to make this information feel like it belongs to those in an exclusive club of khaki-clad, binocular-wearing, Latin-spouters.  It doesn’t. 

So, part of my goal with this blog is to make information accessible to anyone interested.  

If you have a question about something in nature, please don’t hesitate to ask.  

Here’s my commitment to you:  If I don’t know the answer (and chances are I won’t), I’ll seek out an expert who will provide us with a response that speaks to all of us.   Just let me know what you are curious about!  Deal?

Nature is for EVERYONE!

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