Isn’t it interesting how a single species can so thoroughly impact its environment?   I’ve read stories about how the wolves’ reintroduction into Yellowstone has reshaped the responses of the other animals and prompted some plants to thrive.  Now listen to their impact at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota:

How Wolves Change the Forest

Brief podcast by Jason G. Goldman  on December 17, 2020

This link also connects to a full transcript if you’d rather read it than listen to it.


Given the holiday season, who doesn’t love a little reindeer trivia?  Let’s start with the fact that reindeers’ eyes change color in the winter.  This improves their light sensitivity.  Hmmm…I think Santa is a pretty good student of nature.  Check out the rest of the fun facts here:

10 Festive Reindeer Facts

By Jenn Beening on December 14, 2014

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