Every once in a while there is a story of a pending conservation success that just reinforces the idea that we can still do the right thing for the planet and our collective futures.  

Today, instead of summarizing the story and then providing the link, I want to link to the story itself.  You really should read this original piece of journalism about the possible reintroduction of the extinct-in-the wild Guam Kingfisher.   

Despite financial issues, complications from the pandemic, and concerns arising from such a small breeding population, this looks like a win.

Check out the article by @GrrlScientist in Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/grrlscientist/2021/02/25/extinct-guam-kingfisher-provides-blueprint-for-reintroducing-other-long-lost-animals/?sh=38fbd1d82c52



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